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Happy New Year From Talize!
The New Year is almost here! It’s a brand new start with lots of potential and promise. What better time to get your friends and family gifts to kick-start the New Year? You don’t need to break the while you are at it. Shop around Taliza stores and you’ll get the perfect gift for everyone in the family. Here are a few gift ideas from Taliza that say Happy New Year. Although it might take a bit of digging to find the perfect item, the potential of finding something magnificent makes the search totally worth it. Searching though racks of second hand items is a lot more enjoyable than a drudgery walk through department stores at the mall. Plus shopping for clothes at any of Talize’s stores leaves plenty of cash on your wallet to buy other goodies.
You can never go wrong with a few pieces of glassware. A funky glassware dish set is the perfect way to say happy New Year to your mom or favorite aunty. Shopping at thrift stores is the perfect way to unearth really…

Holiday Greetings From Talize

Holiday Greetings From Talize  When the snowflakes start falling it’s time to start thinking about the holiday season. Why not surprise your loved ones this holiday with a different kind of holiday greetings? Throw away those bland Christmas cards grab a present from Talize that screams Happy Holidays! Talize is you one stop shop for thrift holiday gifts. You don’t have to break the bank to let those special to you know you’re thinking about them during the holidays. Talize is your gateway to amazing deals and promotions and remember to scan your Talize card every time you spend a dollar to rack up your Talize points. Nothing screams holiday like a holiday basket. Of course an empty holiday basket won’t get anyone in the holiday mood, but you can get thrift decorative holiday baskets from Talize stores. There are all kinds of holiday baskets to choose from. You can get the large centerpiece basket to sit right in the middle of the dinner table while you celebrate the …

Holiday Season Decoration Ideas Using Items from the Thrift Store

When it comes to holiday decoration, a thrift shop is really the best place to find fabulous and cool decor for a fraction of the cost you would incur in a retail store. And don’t we all love to save a little cash. Well, if you have been reading this blog for a while, then you know Talize is all about hassle-free thrift shopping experience. It’s our foremost desire to offer all frugal shoppers an exciting opportunity to buy second-hand items without breaking the bank, all while contributing to charity and supporting an environmentally-friendly shopping approach. That aside, this blog post is all about the hunt for holiday decor treasures. Read on to learn more about holiday season decoration ideas using thrift store finds.Wreaths No matter what you are thankful for this holiday season, wreaths are a must-have decor. Of course, it goes without saying that wreaths are a Christmas staple, and one that’s found in plenty in most Talize stores. And the best part is that you can score a hug…

Our Commitment to a Greener Environment Is Unrelenting - How Talize Is in It for the Long Haul

As bargain hunters and thrift shoppers gear up for the hustle and bustles of the holiday shopping season, here at Talize, we are excited to trigger the conversation around the subject of sustainability and green environmental initiatives. Even before we delve right into it, all our locations pride themselves on staying on the environmental cutting edge, from relentless recycling efforts to sustainability measures and everything in between.
Today, we thought we’d let you know of some of the efforts and ways Talize use to showcase its commitment to a greener environment and sustainability in the long run.

Less Carbon Footprint
To start off, most of our supplies are carried out in huge bulks that make sure that less haulage is involved. This way, we can lower our transportation costs while dialing down our carbon footprint in terms of fuel spent and carbons spewed into the environment. All our facilities also run energy efficient, state-of-the-art cooling and heating systems.

We Recycle V…

How to Snag a Good Bargain in a Talize Thrift Store

Today, we'll dwell on one of our favorite subjects: tips for finding a good bargain in our burgeoning Talize thrift stores across the country! If you have not been tuning to this space, let us be the first to let you know that you can now shop at Talize Whitby (located at Whitby Mall). Whether you are looking to decorate your home, spruce up your closet or just do an early round of holiday shopping, here are some tips you may want to consider to snag a good deal in any of our Talize locations.
Visit our Stores More Often
Here’s a thing that most thrift shoppers don’t get: it pays to stop by the store more often, even when you aren’t planning to make a purchase. If you are lucky, you might discover when the racks and shelves are restocked. This way, you can plan ahead for such days.

Check our Daily Discounts
Every thrift store, especially Talize shops, operate around flexible pricing. We are all about providing the best thrift shopping experience. We offer our customers Daily Manage…

Thrift Winter Fashion - Now Is the Best Time to Shop at Talize!

As 2016 comes to a dramatic close, most of us are preparing ourselves to brace the chilly yet exhilarating winter months. Well, don't let the biting cold dampen your holiday mood; it's that time again that we all need to add a touch of chic flair, style, and sass to our closets. And, here at Talize, we want to remind you that your wallet shouldn't define your winter style. That's right - the burgeoning number of Talize Thrift stores across the nation offers everyone - from the bargain hunter, the budget shopper to the green buyer - a variety of affordable winter fashion accessories, outfits, and so much more. Let’s be honest; we all want to look fabulous without going deep into our pockets. So, let’s look at a few winter fashion outfits you can find at most thrift shops. Even before we delve right into it, it’s noteworthy to know that winter fashion is all about layering. Long Sleeve Cotton Shirts If you keep a tab on what’s happening in most fall and winter fashion ru…

Pocket-Friendly Holiday Gift Ideas from the Talize Store

If you are like most of us, shopping for holiday gifts sure puts you in that hype and spirit of the holiday. I know some of you are thinking of going all in with their gifts this season, but did you know holiday shopping does not have to put a huge dent in your bank account? There’s a wonderful way to watch your carbon footprint, snag a steal of a bargain, give to charity, and support your community, all wrapped into one - get second-hand gifts from a Talize store across the nation. Here are some frugal gift ideas to help make your holiday shopping experience effortlessly easy and fun.Tie for Men You would be surprised by the amazing men’s ties that you can find at Talize Thrift stores. Of course, gifting a tie to men never gets stale. They’ll need them for work, dinner dates, gala celebrations, and much more. And the best part is that these ties cost practically nothing in a thrift store. More often than not, you’ll find sizzling designer labels as well. Don’t forget to hunt for bar…