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Thrift Try On Haul - Talize May 20171/Burberry, Nike, Adidas, Zara ++

Spring/Summer Thrift Haul | inspiroue

History and Importance of Earth Day

What is Earth Day? The Earth Day is celebrated each year on the 22nd of April, which is the birth anniversary of the environmental movement that started in the year 1970. The founder of this day was Gaylord Nelson. The U.S. was completely oblivious of how its development methods are affecting the environment; pollution was considered as a sign of development and there were frequent oil spills. This moved the then U.S. senator to come up with some check and balance as to what impact development has and actually hold the people responsible for their actions. In 1990, Earth Day went global and included around 141 countries and that proved to be quite an important year since the countries realized how vital recycling is for the environment and they actually made an effort to make recycling possible.

How Can We Recycle? There are several ways we can recycle different materials, which are a part of our day-to-day life. We can recycle paper since it’s the most used item and it is quite simple…

Easy Inspirations to Turn Your Thrift Bargains into Easter Delights

Easter is just around the corner and we need to start stocking up our style and décor items to make the most of this festive season.Here are some amazing DIY second hand store ideas to try out this Easter:
Easter Bunny Shirts
Children love nothing more than glittery and sparkly Easter bunny shirts, and instead of buying new ones that they’ll probably wear no more than twice a year, why not find a good thrift bargain, and get started on making one of our own? It’s very simple, you can pick out plain white tees or work with a colorful or stripe-filled tee-shirt. You can buy glittery bunny-inspired sew-ons from your local Talize, and then, all that’s left to do is sew them on, and create some more bunny art or use stamping techniques. For a baby girl, you can make up lots of bows and pink bunnies, and for boys, keep the outfit in blue-tones. Opportunities are endless, you can make cute little stars with sequins scattered around, Easter eggs, glittery hearts and so much more.
Vibrant Twirl…


The spring-summer 2017 is fast approaching together with its prom fashion trends. And of course, we all want a wind of renewal and freshness in our outfits. This is good because the summer season looks promising in colors, materials, and inspirations. Trends, looks, clothes and accessories: everyone knows about the fashion trends of this summer season 2017.
Flashy colors This year spring-summer looks Fashionable, colorful and flashy. Pink, yellow, blue, red or green are all perfect: we cannot hesitate to wear clothes in vibrant colors, and we can even try the color block look. For the most reluctant neon colors, you can always mix colored pieces with very trendy black, white or khaki clothes this year. A marine wind The trend of marine wears will be very fashionable for the spring-summer 2017. It's time to bring out your little wardrobe from the dressing room: a basic fashion forever. The blue color is also a must have this season. Seen on almost every designer show, it blends with…

DIY Experiments with Thrift Store Clothing Items that You Can Actually Use

There’s an endless sea of opportunities and DIY tricks that one can perform on thrift store clothing items. And we at Talize always go out of our way to find our cherished shoppers unique, vintage and antique second hand items to add up to their home décor and wardrobe. Take a look at some exciting DIY tricks:Denim Experiments Pick out some worn old denim jeans from Talize thrift store, and cut off the zipper area to insert it atop a breezy cotton dress. You can explore plenty of options, pick out a white fabric since denim looks irresistibly voguish on white, or play around with brighter hues to create a bold pop of colour. You can use this trick to make plenty of denim dresses for yourself and the kids. And if you want to create an even hotter outfit, pick out a denim jacket, cut off the sleeves, and sew it onto the dress for a sleeveless upper body. Or you can turn it into a sleeveless top to be worn with dresses, and skirts. Cosy Accessories Instead of buying new mittens, gloves an…

How Your T-Shirt Can Make a Difference | National Geographic

Spring 2017: Upcoming Spring Trends in Fashion

We can't predict fashion, as it keeps on changing with every new season. At times, we see 360 degree curve in fashion trends while some season leaves us in a real shock. However, we must say that fashion changes, but style remain the same. Spring 2017 is almost here and we've gathered latest trend ideas which you may follow this season. Fashion depicts your lifestyle, and if you are a reasonable personality who people see for some new ideas whether for accessories, shoe wear, clothing, or even home décor. Spring always alarms about the blooming flowers and regeneration of plantation and fashion makes a nature priority. Blossoms/Pink/Flora Fresh, vibrant and shocking pink floral patternsmust be in your closet with solid or plain leggings. Thisseason always welcome floral generation and particularly when its PINK, it boosts an exotic charm inyour personality. The blossom prints with an updated version of seventies in a typical loose cut flirty style, would make you stand out am…